I’m over 90% funded on Kickstarter

My Kickstarter for Life Begins At Incorporation is close to being funded. I can’t wait to start writing and compiling the book. If you haven’t backed it yet, you can pre-order the book now and help take me over the top.

I say in my pitch that if I hit my stretch goal of $30,000, I’ll print a second collection of comics. What I don’t say is that hitting that level would enable me to spend 2013 focused on my comics, turning down freelance to draw three cartoons a week as often as possible. If you back at $40, you get the book and all my new cartoons in your inbox every Monday morning for a year, and help me hit the stretch goal.

Kickstarter Update: Editorial Team Hired!

I’m 75% funded on Kickstarter.

Thanks for all the support so far! After the first week, I am well on my way to funding this project. As I said in my video, I want to make this book as kick-ass as possible, and that means hiring an editor and other positions that normally come with having a fancy publishing house behind you. It’s also the responsibility of job creators, like myself and Mitt Romney, to create jobs whenever we can for the betterment of America. The following folks are officially employed:

Editor: Sarah Mirk
Layout and Design: Masheka Wood
Copy editor/index: Jessie Carver

If you haven’t already, please kick in and make the book happen.

Political Cartoons That Do Not Suck

A reader writes: “I owe my political transformation more to you and Tom Tomorrow and Gary Trudeau than to any liberal professor I had in college. Well, that and the fact that Limbaugh is a fucking idiot.

"Cartoons like yours are important. Hugely important. I don’t know what’s going to happen to this medium that I love as the world of publishing changes, but I want to do my part. So I’m in for 50 bucks. Your kickstarter finally got me off my ass.

If you like my work, I need you to share this. My Kickstarter for the first collection of my political cartoons is 50% funded. It will only get made if I reach the goal. $25 gets you the book as soon as it is released.

There is no day job to fall back on. This is it. I’m comics for life.