A chapter from my book on drones:

Can the U.S. attack you anywhere? Yes, according to the rules, the entire planet is fair game because we are engaged in the War on Terror. Currently, that we know of, the CIA is knocking people off via robot missiles in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen, Somalia, and Libya. What’s off limits? The moon. Go there.

Drones raise all sorts of interesting questions about the way to most ethically murder people.

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The Joshua Foust Drone Shirt

My Medium colleague Joshua Foust loves drones.Well, he wouldn’t put it that way. He just thinks drones get a bad rap. They do some good stuff out there! And he doesn’t like what he calls “dronephobes”—people who always point to dystopian sci-fi movies and innocent dead people to make their points about how robot death planes aren’t real rad. Me, I feel like letting a good “Robocop” reference go to waste is bad form in a debate.

Here’s my shirt for Foust. I hope it captures his complex views on drones, but more importantly, I hope I got his facial hair right.